SWIPE LEFT OR RIGHT? Face Halo Makeup Re

SWIPE LEFT OR RIGHT? Face Halo Makeup Remover Wipes – Spoiler alert: it’s a swipe right. Also yes grown-ups, I am fully aware of my lame Tinderiffic title. I’m a Mum remember, it’s kind of my duty to be as punny as humanly f*cking possible! Ok, so back on June 1,… The post SWIPE LEFT OR RIGHT? Face Halo Makeup Remover Wipes appeared first on A Better Kind. http://ow.ly/Pgl250dIcx5

Quicksticks: Rapid review of ModelCo’s Glow Baby Glow Kit

So I had a magnificent post all ready to go…until I realised I was missing a key ingredient and had to put it on the chopping block for now.

Hence the HUGE gap in posts – super sorry my dears – but I’m back!

ModelCo Glow Baby Glow Kit

Today I am here with a lil’ inexpensive treat – ModelCo’s Glow Baby Glow, a three-piece kit comprising of some of ModelCo’s best sellers – a MEGA-sized Glow Summer Bronze bronzer and 2 Shine Ultra Lip Glosses in the shades Striptease and Sugar Plum.

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Tan Review Time || Step up to the plate…Eco Tan’s Invisible Tan!


“Honoured to be Australian”.

Aww, aren’t you cute, Eco Tan – so am I!

Eco Tan Invisible Tan

Australia’s first certified organic luxe moisturizing tan – Eco Tan’s Invisible Tan – has no hidden nasties and is a beautiful option for those gals with sensitive or dry skin. Having been created with only organic & natural ingredients, it is supremely gentle and even suitable for use on the face. Continue reading

Lust List Issue #1.

Every month, this guy will pop up and quite likely spark a flame in your little shopping heart – the Lust List. Containing treasures that I am currently lusting over and bookmarking like a nutso, these knockouts might just win you over too.

If you are a raving shopaholic – I am giving you fair warning.

Click away now.

Continue, and you’re just asking for trouble.

Fine, troublemaker. Then arm yourself with all that hard-earned moolah of yours and lets get evil… Continue reading

CRAZY ‘BOUT of the WEEK – and it’s not makeup or skincare…


Sure, I could have put Le Tan’s Wash Off Instant Tan FIRMLY in this spot for the week, but I consider that guy a permanent addition to the archives now. Dude, I’d freaking write that BITCH down on parchment all DAY and tomb that valuable piece of ace for our future generations to benefit from.


So this weeks Crazy ‘Bout might seem a bit silly, a bit meh for some – but I think your hair is a significant element when talking about beauty.

You could have flippin’ Bobbi Brown do your makeup for you, but if your hair is a dry, shredded wreck – it ain’t worth a damn thang.

So my fave lil’ treasure this week is Clairol Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong Strengthening Conditioner! Continue reading